NovaBackup for Server License with 1 year of NovaCare



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The best single-server file backup software for Windows systems…

It’s our business to help you protect your business. We offer total care, a professional level of service that is unheard of in our industry. With NovaStor, you get help with everything from choosing your backup plan to installing and setting up the software, recovering your data in case of a crash, and receiving timely help from local, knowledgeable backup experts. NovaBACKUP Server offers advanced server data protection with exceptional support. With NovaBACKUP, the best Windows backup software available, you don’t need to be an IT expert to protect your business.


  • Comprehensive file and image backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Bare-metal restore
  • Dissimilar hardware restores
  • Secure backups with 256-bit encryption
  • Multi-threaded backup and restore
  • Invaluable real-time reporting
  • Flexible data retention
  • Supports latest Microsoft Windows OS
  • Installation, setup and support included